Planter Basket Set
Planter Basket Set
Round Basket M - Purple
Round Basket L - Purple
Round Basket XL - Purple
Planter Basket Set
Planter Basket Set
Planter Basket Set
Planter Basket Set
Planter Basket Set

Planter Basket Set

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    • You've found the perfect plant, and now you need the pot to match!
    • Add style to your home and showcase your favourite indoor plants with our delightful range of woven planter baskets.
    • Available in a set of 4 in different sizes, these planter baskets are a great way to deck up your plants and cover up the boring plastic pots.
    • These beautifully handcrafted sustainable baskets are made with water reed grass and last a lifetime.
    • They are water friendly and can washed with tap water to clean and also to regain shape(which might get distorted in shipping). Just dry well in the sun.
    • Whatsmore, these baskets are multi-purpose and can be for storage, laundry, magazines, towels etc
    • Dimensions

        • Round XL basket  - Diameter 14 inches, Height 15 inches (not including handles)

        • Round L basket - Diameter 11 inches, Height 7 inches (not including handles)

        • Round M basket - Diameter 9 inches, Height 5 inches (not including handles)

        • Oval Basket - 11 x 8.5 x 3 inches (l x b x h)

  • Very easy to maintain
  • To clean, wipe with a wet cloth and let dry
  • If the basket becomes out of shape due to storage, wet with normal tap water and dry in sunlight
  • Take care not to wet the coloured parts like the handles or tassels

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