Grand Abundance Toran - Red

Grand Abundance Toran - Red

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- Length: Top string - 130 cm (since these are made with natural pods the length varies a little from piece to piece)

- Made with handcrafted Sola Wood flowers, natural preserved Bael fruit cups (favorite of Lord Shiva), lotus like woody Bakul Pods (an ode to Goddess Laxmi), Ambate fruit pod (symbol of genrosity & kindness), small pine cones & minolta fruit pods.

- Did you know that the use of Torans can be traced back to the Puranas? The main idea behind using a Toran or a festoon to attract positive energy and abundance into our homes.

- Presenting a Toran is a great option for a House-warming gift, Wedding Gifts and Favours and Festival Gifts.

- These gorgeous dried natural blooms will last much longer than fresh flowers and add beauty to your homes for months to come.

- Each piece is unique as it is handcrafted. Therefore, each piece will be delightfully different in small ways.

- 100% natural. 100% Unique.

  • Dry flowers can last anywhere from a year to a lifetime if taken care of

Please handle gently
  • Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading of colours.
  • Keep away from water or high humidity areas
  • Tip for cleaning: use hair dryer at low setting to blow away the dust.