Timeless White Wreath - XL
Timeless White Wreath - XL
Timeless White Wreath - XL

Timeless White Wreath - XL

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- Dimensions:
Outer Diameter - Approximately 48 to 50 cm

- Our all time classic Wreath! This beauty in white is made with a gorgeous woody flower-like fruit pods. The fruit opens to disperse the seeds and what is left behind is this beautiful strong woody flower. Nature is so beautiful at every stage. And here it is . . . a little bit of this beauty captured for you in this pretty wreath.

- Hang it on your main door, in your porch or verandah or even better, place it on your console or sideboard for an instant makeover.

- Each piece is unique as it is handcrafted. Therefore, each piece will be delightfully different in small ways.

- 100% natural. 100% Unique.

  • Dry flowers can last anywhere from a year to a lifetime if taken care of

Please handle gently
  • Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading of colours.
  • Keep away from water or high humidity areas
  • Tip for cleaning: use hair dryer at low setting to blow away the dust.